What are you doing?

When you get up every day

What are you doing?

Do you jump out of bed, ready for the day

Get about the business of living life the way you want it to be lived

Work every day to craft the life you want

Maybe you drag yourself out of bed

Get about the business of the life in front of you

Do it all just because it has to be done

Don’t get me wrong

No one gets up every day and has a dreamy happy time with every task

(No, not even me ha ha)

But, some people are getting up and remaining unhappy all day

Most are somewhere in between

Loving some things in their life

Not so much others (can we all say laundry?!?)

If there was one thing

Just one

That you could improve upon

What would that be?

Maybe you don’t love your job

Maybe a relationship that could use some work

Maybe fitness

etc etc etc

Now! One more question for you

How could I help?

If I could do one thing

To help you move forward on that one goal

What would that be?

Let’s work it together


If you build it, it WILL come