This month I presented for a couple separate events

We talked a lot about body weight training (were you there? Send me a Hello!)

Of course, as I was working with athletes we had some fun

Did some movements that are challenging (handstands anyone??)

But we also had great conversation on movement as a whole

We, as a community in fitness and wellness

Want to see more movement in the world

It’s no secret that the world is moving less as a whole

A hug percentage of jobs are sitting

Computers, TV, Videos, Video games, Phones

Commutes are sometimes longer…more sitting

Fitness pro’s are working hard

Working to help people move more

To educate and assist

I want to make it even more simple

Let’s look at the beginning

As fit pros, let’s take some time to remember the beginning

Maybe you were always active but you were once new to this field

Many of you can remember clearly an inactive time in your lives

Those not in fitness take a look at where you are now

How much sitting is in your day?

Often we try

Get moving, join a gym or activity

But the stats are clear

The majority that do begin


Part of the reason is too much too soon


Start small

Fit pros, maybe, just maybe ask less in the beginning

Because here’s the thing!

A little movement is better than none

One day out moving when it was zero before is still better

So it’s simple, be better, just a little

Once you see how much better you feel

You will want more

Then it will happen organically



You’ll love it instead of hating it

That’s my dream for you

For fit pros to see the potential in those small successes

For the people that are trying to move a little more

Now, I have homework for you

Fit Pros, reach one more person this week – someone outside of your facility

Everyone else, move just a little more

Once you have, message me HERE

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