I tell myself a story

It is a story that does not serve me

In fact, it brings unnecessary challenge into my week…every week

Sometimes, like this week, multiple times a week

You get to see that challenge, my challenge, every week too

It is all about writing

I feel very confident in my ability to speak

To deliver a message

To be clear and concise

But when I sit down to write, this story pops into my head

That I am not a good writer

People have suggested I write a book

And that causes me anxiety, just the idea of it

Even when I sit down to write to you every week

I have this moment of anxiety

I want to put it off


I have no clear idea about why

And once I begin, there is no issue, I just go for it

No one ever told me I am a poor writer

I have no memory of an instance that would plant this story into my mind

In the end, that doesn’t matter

What matters is that I decide to simply write when I want to write

(like to you every week!)

And not stress about writing something I don’t want to write

Focus on correcting “doubting darla”

The first step is seeing that there is a story there that is not serving us

The next steps are manageable and I know they work

Now I want to hear from you! Reply HERE and share a story you tell that is not serving you

I have a three step process to correcting that story, AND IT WORKS

I can’t wait for your share